There will be a reckoning
For those you lead astray

Verse 1
There will be a reckoning for those you lead astray
Keep my Father's name out of your mouth
One foot in the world, one foot in the grave
God doesn't change, why would the righteous
How's it progress to promote what God despises?

Chorus 1
You say open my eyes, I say open the word

Verse 2
Fly your pride high, carry the touch
Lay your offers on the alter of the world
You say do not judge but we are to judge the church
You created your savior to deceive the elect
And lead them to hell, you lying heretic 

"Jesus loves me this I know
So why would He judge my soul?
Little ones to Him belong
Must be no such thing as wrong"

Verse 3
Judgment awaits for the unrepentant
My God will not be mocked

Verse 4
A goat in sheep's clothing
Progress defined
Modern day Christian
Modern day lies

Verse 5
A goat in sheep's clothing
Depart from me
I never knew you

Verse 6
Like a dog returns to it's vomit
And a pig returns to wallow
Whatever man says
Whatever they want
You just blindly follow

Bridge 1
Shut your mouth, you filthy hypocrite
Regressive style of life, you rub our nose in it
Riding high, your horse of false morality
State-backed psychopath on a shaming spree\

Bridge 2
Seeing double, like your standards, dazed
By the flow of info you consume all day
Propagandized brain, programmed to repeat
Social justice slave,  pawn of the “elite”

Chorus 2
Thank God I am not God 
you'd be drowning in the flood