About Us

Blue Fire Horizon is a Christian metalcore band hailing from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. While metalcore is their chosen label, their sound ranges from hard rock to deathcore and is still being developed as the band grows.


The Members:

Zachariah Turnage: One of the original members of the band, Zachariah has done everything from vocals to rhythm guitar to bass and has finally settled on just vocals. Which is good, because the rest of the band was starting to feel threatened by awesomeness.

Rock Arellano: Rock joined in the first wave of recruitment for Blue Fire Horizon. His drumming ability was just what the band needed and he's constantly surprising the band with his skill and creativity. He's also the most sane member of the band, though that isn't saying much.

Hunter Chapin: Also recruited during the first call for musicians, Hunter has been playing guitar for too long. He can create killer riffs and sing awesome harmonies, though he's pretty short. So that sucks for him.

Maddy Cornils: Maddy started out as a temporary bassist for Blue Fire Horizon, supposed to only fill in for one show, but the band's crazy antics and awesome camaraderie convinced her to return when COVID put all of her classes online. She's the only thing saving the group from being an 'edgy boy band.'

Steven Neil: Steven recently joined the band as rhythm guitarist to help drive the gnarly tones and rock the energy! Having been a fan since their first live performance, he counts himself as honored and blessed to be a member of the band.